"GitHub" for Data

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Imagine, what we, developers, would do without GitHub? Or any other code versioning system, for that matter? Imagine that you'd have to maintain only a single copy of your code, and every update would overwrite the previous version and if you'd want to see the history of your code over time, you'd have to create a custom solution for it? Does it sound like good times, no?

Well, in the data world, this is exactly what is happening. The most popular database systems nowadays, don't have ability to version the data over time. There are some custom solution built to audit data, but it usually comes as an expensive afterthought.

Fluree, on the other hand, treats time as a first class citizen and you practically at any point in time have a snapshot of your entire database backed by immutable blockchain ledger! Don't believe it? Check it out for yourself.

You can also read the Time Travelling with Fluree blog post

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