Layer 2 data sharing ecosystem for Cardano with Fluree decentralized semantic graph DB 

Imagine a DApp ecosystem where off-chain data is stored in an immutable decentralized metadata layer in the form of an interconnected knowledge graph. Native “time machine”, allows users to travel “back in time” to see what the state of the data was at any given moment.


Imagine that DApps from different, but related domains can natively “talk” to each other and exchange data in a secure manner, with the ability to specify which data is allowed to be seen by whom, down to the cell level; instead of being locked in silos.


Imagine a world where creating a new DApp takes weeks, not months to build, due to a convenient-to-use framework, which manages data persistence and state management? 


Imagine no longer, start building Logosphere with us

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Introduction to the Cardano Project Catalyst Fund 5 project proposal by Brian Platz, co-CEO and co-founder of Fluree

Connecting Dots

For DApp Developers

Store your off-chain data in a common metadata layer powered by decentralized semantic graph DB side-chain

Metadata Standards

Make your DApp speak the same language with other DApps, using common semantic standards, such as 

Business Models

Cut significant amount of development time by generating your application back-end, customized to your business domain, from JSON schema

"GitHub" for Data

Trace every update in your data through natively enabled "time travel". Data is immutable at any given point in time and every update results in a new database state, that can be traced back for analytical and audit purposes. 

Cell-Level Security

Manage permissions on who you want to expose your data to with Fluree Smart Functions, down to a cell level.

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For Stake Pool Operators

Host  Logos Nodes: nodes with Fluree processes and ledgers on your stake pool infrastructure and get paid for executing queries and transactions

Choose Your Cause

You can pick and choose ledgers of which DApps you are willing to support. Once the Cardano DApp ecosystem grows, there is always be projects dear to your heart that you'd be proud to help hosting data for

Seemless Deployment

The Logos Nodes will be conveniently packaged for you in a "1-click" deployment package. Just pull the latest release and install/upgrade

Get Paid for Burnt Fuel

Every query and transaction executed in your infrastructure will be quantified by "burnt fuel" built into the Fluree process. Get reimbursed for your resources, which is another way to help you offsetting the infrastructure costs for running your stake pool

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For researchers and AI/ML practitioners

Use your subscription to the Logosphere, to power your semantic web research and ML / AI algorithms.

AI needs knowledge graphs

AI & ML has been quite successful over the past few years, yet interpretability of decisions made by deep learning black boxes remains a difficult task. Some scholars believe that integrating knowledge graphs with AI / ML algorithms will help with accuracy and interpretability

Ready for SingularityNet?

Try implementing AI / ML algorithms powered by Logosphere knowledge graph on SingularityNet, a Global AI Marketplace, which lets anyone create, share, and monetize AI services at scale

ML moves data-centric

It used to be believed that throwing more data into machine learning algorithms will solve every problem.  Andrew Ng, an ML legend and visionary encourages to focus more on data-centricity in ML field and smaller, but well structured good quality data to power ML algorithms

Feeling inspired? Join us!  

Logosphere is an open source project backed by Ikigai Technologies, Fluree, and the Cardano Catalyst community. We are looking forward to the community participation and contribution. If you feel that you can spare some of your time to help moving the project forward, join our Discord and introduce yourself!





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